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The Cowpuncher is our classic motorcycle inspired leather jacket, and one of our most popular men’s offerings. This jacket is the real deal with custom hardware, soft leather and an instantly recognizable silhouette. It’s style is reminiscent of jackets worn by the likes of the Fonz, The Beatles and other classic rockers, greasers and hip cats.

In this lookbook, we combined the Cowpuncher with some simple staple pieces: a quality pair of jeans and a simple white tee. While this jacket is easily dressed up, it definitely feels at home in a rugged environment. So whether you’re riding the rails or the open road, you’ll travel well in this well traveled jacket.

Cowboys riding stock trains were in charge of moving and prodding the cattle from the cargo train. Railroaders’ terms for this cowboy include weed bender, hay shaker, clover picker, plow jockey  “and the most common term” Cowpuncher. The Cowpuncher jacket is made of rugged leather, durable enough to withstand the daily rigor of moving cattle. Fitted cuffs and waistband help you ease in and out of the saddle. Side pockets warm your hands during evening cattle drives.

Available in both black and brown, the Cowpuncher is a favorite of rockers, riders and rebels everywhere.