15 Songs for Summer ’15

Taking a break at Nelsonville Music Festival 2015.It’s starting to warm up out there. Snapchat is full of short clips from music festivals. And there’s a lot of new stuff on the radio. That can only mean its the beginning of Summer!

No season is as big for music as the summer. Bands are touring, albums are dropping and everyone is putting out their songs for summer in hopes of being the next “Take A Walk”. We, here at Durango Leather Co., may not be able to predict the next mega-hit. However, we do a know a thing or two about music. We’ve been listening to a lot of new stuff recently and are excited to hit up a few festivals this month throughout the Midwest. So, we wanted to show you what we’re into with our Songs of Summer ’15 playlist.

The songs on this list are a mix of what our team has been listening to on their commute as well as the bands we’re excited to see at Bunbury, Firefly and other music festivals this Summer. Some artists you’ll know, and others we’re hoping will be your new favorite band. Here’s the list:

  1. “Don’t Wanna Fight” by Alabama ShakesMavis Staples live at Nelsonville Music Festival 2015
  2. “Rainbows & Butterflies” by Wussy
  3. “Avalanche” by Walk The Moon
  4. “Get It” by Matt & Kim
  5. “Let It Happen” by Tame Impala
  6. “Tear In My Heart” by Twenty One Pilots
  7. “Make You Better” by The Decemberists
  8. “Funny You should Ask” by The Front Bottoms
  9. “Idiot” by Atmosphere
  10. “Headphones” by Mounties
  11. “Denial” by The Vaccines
  12. “Still Want You” by Brandon Flowers
  13. “Find ‘Em, Fool ‘Em and Forget ‘Em” by Anderson East
  14. “Snake Eyes” by Mumford & Sons
  15. “Get Better” by Frank Turner

So here you have it, 15 songs for summer 2015. You can listen to the songs in the YouTube Playlist below, and all of the artists featured are on Spotify if you want to dig deeper into their discography.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, what songs did we miss and who are you going to see live this Summer?