The Beatles, the Mini Skirt and Durango

We’re 50 years old! Well, Durango Boots is. The rest of us are 21 and holding.

Durango is celebrating five decades of designing authentic western footwear inspired by the spirit of the Old West.

While loyal to our roots, Durango has changed along with American culture over the years.

In addition to classic styles and hues, we’ve added bold colors, our famous Flag Boots, urban collections, accessory boots, and most recently, we merged a western boot with an espadrille to create… the Westpadrille.

What did America look like when Durango was born?

It was 1966.

The mini skirt ruled.

So did velvet, flared jeans, false eyelashes, huge earrings and whatever Twiggy was doing.

Billie Jean King won Wimbledon. Yes, this is held in England. But Billie Jean is American. We’re including it!

The 8-track was offered as a new option in Ford vehicles.

The Vietnam War was on.

AstroTurf was used for the first time — in the Astro Dome, of course.

The Beatles were all the rage.

The U.S. was in a space race with the U.S.S.R.

A gallon of gas averaged 32 cents.

And Bonanza was the highest-rated TV series. Another show where you could spot western boots? The Virginian. Though not as fashion-forward as Durango, of course.

Times have changed, but Durango remains true to the American spirit and embracing your inner cowboy. Durango. It’s not just a boot. It’s an attitude. Celebrating 50 years!