Dollie’s Demi Monde Lookbook

Dollie DeVille in her Demi Monde

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Dollie DeVille is known throughout the internet as The Rockabilly Socialite. Her popular blog, of the same name, has been featured in a number of publications. Dollie and her husband Zack are purveyors of a lifestyle many have forgotten. They bop and swing to the rockabilly beats of the 1950s while embracing updated versions of period fashion. Their style, creativity and vibrance made them a perfect fit for Durango Leather. We were extremely excited when they agreed to work with us on creating a pair of lookbooks.

For her lookbook/review, Dollie wore our black Demi Monde jacket. The mismatched hardware, rider collar and asymmetric zipper all stood out to her. She says they set this jacket apart from more traditional offerings. Dollie was particularly excited by the rider buckles on the sides of the jacket, that provide “…even more of that rocker edge. I love buckles!”

For her first series of photos, Dollie paired the Demi Monde with a blue party dress, similar toChelsea Marrs look from a few months ago. Dollie’s look  is an update to the old school elegance of 50’s icons like Marilyn Monroe. The Demi Monde‘s edginess is perfect for this aesthetic. Her beautiful blue dress sparkles through underneath the contrasting black leather. This outfit is striking from a distance, and up close.

In her next series, Dollie dressed the Demi Monde down with a classic rock tee underneath. Not to be too simple, she added a tribal patterned vest over top. The result is something we had never anticipated. The Demi’s details shine through, accenting the vest and creating an even sharper statement.Durango2

For more on Dollie, check out her blog and her enticing Instagram account. They’re both a rockin’ good time. Her husband, Zack, also did a lookbook for us that you can see here. And if these outfits inspired you, let us know in the comments below.