Leather Jacket Love Songs

Alex Turner on-stage with Arctic Monkeys. Photo credit: The Guardian.
The leather jacket has been an iconic piece of music history for nearly a century; worn by country crooners in the American West, tough teddy boys in England, punks in the Bowery and even The King himself. No other item of clothing is tied so tightly to the images of rock’n’roll. Music is as much a part of a good jacket, as the lining and hardware. Slipping on a leather jacket, a soundtrack starts playing in your head and you feel the youthful energy of teenage kicks all over again.

Ten years on, and long gone, we aren’t going to write you any more leather jacket love songs. so we put together a playlist of songs that get stuck in our mind as we walk down the street in our leather jackets. Everything from modern hits, to country classics are represented in the minds of our leather clad badasses as they go about their day. There’s just something about wearing a leather jacket that puts you in a rebellious state of mind, and we hope these songs do the same.


  1. Leather Jacket Love Song–The Cribs
  2. Leather Jacket–Arkells
  3. Heartbroken, in Disrepair–Dan Auerbach
  4. Number One Party Anthem–Arctic Monkeys
  5. Treat Me Like Your Mother–The Dead Weather
  6. Rebel Rebel–David Bowie
  7. I Feel Like Ten Men, Nine Dead and one Dying–Band of Skulls
  8. High Ball Stepper–Jack White
  9. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend–Ramones
  10. Folsom Prison Blues–Johnny Cash


What song plays when you throw on your leather jacket? Leave a comment, or let us know on Twitter and we’ll add it to the list.