The Legacy of the Durango Leather Company

In 1882, John H. Dobbins hung a shingle outside a small building in southwestern Colorado. It simply said, The Durango Leather Company. At the time, the main steam engine train line was the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad which is still in operation today. The city of Durango was known for a robust mining and saloon culture. Durango embodies the Wild West and outlaw heritage.

Today, the Durango Leather Company stays true to its roots by creating unique, modern leather pieces that capture the freedom and spirit of the Old West. Our uniquely designed leather goods channel influences from the Old West, vintage motorcycling and rock fashion styles. We specialize in leather jackets and apparel, but also produce accessories for both men and women. In conjunction with Durango Boots, we offer a complete selection of leather items to create the perfect outfit for your next night out.


Durango Silver Company