A Night of Celebration

The happy couple; Elissa and Jakeb

This is a guest post by commercial photographer and Durango Leather Company fan/ambassador Jakeb Miller. Jakeb has featured DLC on his Instagram account, and has a larger portfolio of commercial photography work including portraiture and product photography.

The happy couple; Elissa and Jakeb

I had just finished my largest photo shoot to date and I wanted to go out for a night of celebration. On the way home from the shoot I called my fiancé and told her to get ready to go out for some wining and dining.

When I arrived with a large beautiful bouquet of flowers Elissa was quite surprised. After 12 hours on set I had to get cleaned up. I gathered my things and picked up my Durango Leather Company Cowpuncher jacket, since it was a little cool out.  We gave instructions to the babysitter and we were out the door.

I really hadn’t planned anything for the evening. So we were just going to see what sort of trouble we could get into, and Dallas didn’t hesitate to surprise.  It’s amazing to have grown up in a city and still find so many places that you’ve never been to.  And that’s coming from a photographer, who has to scout and shoot locations day in and day out.

The flooded freeways of Dallas.We started at one of our local favorites, Urban Vines.  We began with Meat & Cheese board paired with a nice Malbec.  Elissa and I discussed the big shoot I had just finished and brainstormed some activities for the evening.  I remembered a friend talking me about a Robert Modiva wine tasting at Cool River, so we decided to crash it.

We got surprised by a nasty storm on the way; a few places on the highway had 2 to 3 foot of standing water. Of course, behind the wheel of my truck I had no problem getting my fair lady across the city.

Crashing, wining and dining.Elissa didn’t know where we were going, so she kept trying to guess. She had never been there, so it was kind of easy to keep it secret. When we finally arrived I was glad to have grabbed that jacket, because the rain was still trying (to no avail) to put a damper on our evening. The valet took the truck and Elissa kept asking what we were doing. She loves wine so I knew she was going to love this.
The dinner and wine were both amazing. We had arrived a little late but ended up spending about 2 hours with the group, treating ourselves to an exquisite spread. The night was still young and there was a live band so we ordered another round, saying, “Why not?”. We had a few fantastic drinks and the band was killer.

After a few hours, thoughts of our girls at home kept reminding us it was getting late. When we went outside the temperature had dropped a bit so I draped my jacket over Elissa as the valet was getting the truck. We had a nice ride home, reliving the dinner and the evening. As new parents, we don’t get out much, but we make the most of it every time. This being the first night we’d been away in almost a year, it certainly did not disappoint.

The sun setting over the city of Dallas