The Saloon Girl Lookbook

Miki Eatley rides into the sunset in a Saloon Girl

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When he saw our corsette-backed Saloon Girl Jacket, photographer Jeff Eatley immediately thought of his wife. He told us he would love to shoot some photos of her in the jacket, and the results were incredible. We’re so excited to have been able to work with Jeff and his lovely wife on this lookbook. Check out the photos below, and follow Jeff’s amazing photography here.


Saloon Girls entertained the men of the Wild West with bawdy song, suggestive dancing, spirited conversation and their physical charms. Many women in the frontier West were arrested for violating section 7 of ordinance No. 2 (immoral behavior).

The Saloon Girl Jacket has a snug fit, perfect for highlighting your physical charms.

The corset at the lower back is an unexpected, eye-catching feature. It’s feminine, harking back to an earlier time, but as a part of this leather jacket, it’s also sassy and sexy.

Wait, there’s more. Running low on that spirited conversation? No problem, you’ve tucked a flask in this jacket’s hip pocket, right? You know, for just such an emergency.