Spring Bear Fringe Vest Lookbook

Woman riding on a boxcar wearing Spring Bear vest.

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Fringe is in for Spring 2015, so capitalize on this tribal trend with a Spring Bear vest. If you look back at photos from the last few Coachellas or Lollapaloozas you’ll see tons of fringe. So much so that it may all start to look the same after a while. Don’t give up on this trend too fast though, because fringe is just getting started.

This particular vest is perfect for the festival circuit or a spring picnic. It’s detailing makes it stand out from other fringe vests out on the market. The tribal pattern on the back capitalizes on this season’s boho looks. And its light weight makes the Spring bear perfect for layering. You could put this vest on over a t-shirt for a classic rock look, or a tank top when you’re spending your weekend dancing in the hot sun.

When the first thunder in the spring was heard, it was time for the Native American Bear Dance. Dating back further than the 15th Century, it is now a dance of mating and courtship. A dance of women’s choice, they choose a partner by flicking the fringes of their shawls at the men who have caught their eye. Made of soft leather, this vest has fringe perfect for flirtatious flicking. Studded hardware details frame the edges and stands out among the sloth. The tribal pattern embroidered on the back is sure to leave a lasting impression on any guy watching you walk away.

The Spring Bear also has a matching purse, that will co-ordinate perfectly with your festival ensemble. So let the fringe flow this season in you Spring Bear vest.