Four Spring Trends for 2015

Trend Report: Spring 15
We spent this past week in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for the Fall 2015 MAGIC show. We saw apparel, accessories, footwear and some of the most exciting new brands in fashion. Below is a wrap-up of some of the Spring Trends we noticed while walking the floor, so you can start preparing your wardrobe wish list now.

Black & Tan

The color combination of the year is clear as day, and natural tones are in again. Specifically layering blacks and tans is already in line to be the go-to tactic for fashionable outfitting in 2015. Materials can (and should) be varied, though leather and knit pieces are particularly effective with this trend. See some examples below on how to dress without being drab.
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Fringe & Boho

In case you haven’t been watching our Twitter and Instagram, or really anyone’s in the fashion world, you’ll know that fringe was in for the Winter and its hanging on by a fistful of strands through Spring 2015. And its everywhere! On sweaters, bags, vests, tops, even socks! We love fringe so much, we have a whole collection of pieces based around it. This, along with other boho touches (especially flowy dresses) are going to be everywhere this Spring, so grab a few of the pieces below before the prices go back up. Follow Durango Leather Company’s board Spring Trend: Fringe/Boho on Pinterest.

Seventies Revival

1970s fashion is poised to start taking over from last year’s 90’s revival, even now that some great 90’s bands like Sleater-Kinney and Blur are coming back. Pull out your scarves, turtlenecks and Carole King records because the sensitive singer-songwriter vibe is surfacing in fashionable coffee shops around the country. And while you’re shopping for that perfect retro look, listen to the revival of sensitive singers taking place on the edges of pop music at the moment.
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Mid-Century Americana

Living fast and leaving attractive snaps in our story is suddenly looking a lot more like a low-tech decade of the past, the 1950’s. In men’s fashion especially (though not exclusively) mid-century looks are cruising back into vogue, from pompadours and other classic grooming styles to classically inspired outerwear, ath-leisure outfits for the weekend and work-inspired garb. So spin some records, slick back your hair and party like its 1955. Follow Durango Leather Company’s board Spring Trend: Mid-Century Americana on Pinterest.