Six Summer Trends of 2015

So, we know what you’re thinking. Why is a leather company talking about summer trends? Well, for starters there are plenty of ways you can wear leather during the summer. And, to be honest, we just really like doing a good trend wrap-up. We’re a bunch of styler nerds too! So we gathered six of our favorite summer trends here, each one with its own Pinterest board that you can follow all summer long. 



Summer heat is here, and so it only makes sense that a light weight fabric like lace would be in again. And it is everywhere. Lace tops are back. Lace dresses are looming on many forecasts. We are all in on lace. To really accent this light and airy summer trend try using it as a statement piece with contrasting fabrics such as leather or other solid constructions.

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Carrying from this Spring’s fascination with florals, we are positively pulled in by prints this summer. Floral prints, of course, are still fine. As are many other bold and beautiful patterns seen in the summer outfits on this pinboard. We’re also seeing a number of bloggers combining printed pieces with striped or solid pieces to capitalize on the mix & match trend for this season.

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Maybe its the music festivals, maybe it was Mad Men ending. Either way, late 60s and early 70s inspired hippy outfits are a huge summer trend for 2015. Everything from paisley to flared jeans is making a comeback this season. Fringe pieces like our Kachina and Spring Bear collections are still carrying over from Spring, but expect to see a lot more over the top summer of love outfits in the coming months.

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Mix & Match

Probably the most unique summer trend for 2015 is mixing and matching different fabrics, patterns and textures for a patchwork look. We’ve seen this sort of mixing in outfits or even in single garments. The result is a bold look that will definitely help you stand out in the crowd.

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Black & White

Just like Bianca Jagger in the seventies, black and white is back in style. These outfits are all about solid colors, no greyscale here. Expect to see a whole lot of sheer whites with black accents as the summer continues, and black pieces with white accents leading into the Fall.

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Coming right off of the black and white trend, it only makes sense that stripes would swing back into the summer trends. Surprisingly, a lot of people are combining stripes with prints this season. We didn’t think it would work on paper, but it totally does. See some of the stripe-y ensembles below for inspiration.


Which of these summer trends will you be rocking this year? Which of the outfits above will be joining your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below. And follow us on Pinterest for more trend boards throughout the year.