The Outlaw Lookbook

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In 1876, outlaws Sam Bass and Joel Collins drove a herd of Texas Longhorn up North. They were supposed to go back to Texas to pay off the owners of the herd, but instead they took the money and ran. Bass and his gang eventually robbed the Union Pacific gold train from San Francisco, netting more than $60,000 – to this day, the largest single robbery of the Union Pacific.

Our best-selling men’s jacket for 2013-14, The Outlaw is a motorcycle inspired black leather jacket with detachable hood. This black leather jacket is more than cool and dangerous. It has a detachable hood, perfect for disguising your identity. Two adjustable roller buckles on each side of the waist cinch in to keep the wind out. Four zippered pockets help you protect what you keep close to your heart.

This jacket is the perfect combination of formality and edge. It’s motorcycle silhouette is striking, but its minimal pocket structure makes it prefect for the office. And with the hood on or off, the outlaw will keep you safe from the elements in any season.

The Outlaw collection also includes matching carrier bags, which are perfect for getting your gear to the office in style.