What’s Next in Women’s Jackets

What's next in women's jackets

We’re closing in on Fall 2015, and while we can’t wait for you all to see this year’s collection we do have to focus on the future. And so, each week a new batch of product samples for 2016 shows up in our office. As you’d expect, we design a lot of things that end up on the cutting room floor (sometimes quite literally). However, sometimes a sample shows up that we absolutely fall in love with. And that’s what we want to share with you in these sneak peek posts.

This week we’re showing off a few women’s jackets we’ve received over the last month. Our female readers and followers have always been great about giving feedback on new and existing pieces, so we want to hear what you all think of these pieces.

First up is a brown women’s jacket in a silhouette similar to our men’s Cowpuncher. For the women’s version we’ve added some additional hardware, including a buckle on the collar and some traditional buttons. We like the vintage feel these pieces add compared to some of the sleeker women’s leather jackets available. What do you think? Does the hardware work?

Next we’re capitalizing on the two-tone trend we’ve been seeing in womenswear lately. This black jacket has brown detailing around the cuffs and edges to give it a unique look and save you from the timeless dilemma of black vs. brown leather. As we said in a #StyleChat recently, we are in love with gold hardware for Fall. And this jacket is no exception, with its gold rivets and zipper adding a touch of class and accenting the brown detailing. How do you feel about this mix of leathers and accents?

Finally, we’re doing something very different in this third jacket. Inspired by the nautical pieces we’ve been seeing on the runways, this navy style jacket is actually a mix of leather and suede for a contrast of textures. The cream leather is the same soft tannage you saw on our Wildcat jacket, but the navy suede is a material we’ve never worked with before. We’re also opting for traditional chunky buttons to make this jacket look almost like a period piece. Do you think we’re on-trend on this one?

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Those are three women’s jackets we’ve got in the works. We’d love to hear from the ladies on these. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Or reach out on twitter.