Zack’s Classic Cow Puncher Lookbook

Zack leans back in his brown Cow Puncher.

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We recently posted a lookbook from Rockabilly Socialite Dollie DeVille, but we couldn’t leave all of our rockin’ gents out in the cold. So now, we bring you her husband, Zack the Rockabilly Gentleman. Zack combined our brown Cow Puncher jacket with a classic pair of jeans, a rock tee and some good old Durango Harness Boots for this shoot. The result is a rockin’ outfit that accents his slick hair and smooth personality with the right rugged touches.

Having just retired a classic bomber jacket that had a long tour of service, Zack gravitated towards our Cow Puncher for its vintage styling and flight/moto jacket inspired silhouette. And though he knows how to suit up, this rockabilly raconteur admits that “This jacket is at home in the dirt paired with jeans and Durango boots…” not that he wouldn’t dress it up and take it out on the town.Detail shots of the Cow Puncher jacket

In his review of the jacket he said “The leather is soft and the jacket is light and comfortable. And I swear it makes your pompadour look better,” though he admits results may vary on that last bit. After getting the Cow Puncher on, and starting to break it in Zack was “…feeling manly and [wanting] to go punch a cow smack in the kisser! Just kidding, I’ll probably pet it and sing range songs because I like moo-cows (but not enough to not wear leather).”

If you haven’t yet, see how Zack’s wife Dollie styled our Demi Monde jacket. Then head over to their blog, The Rockabilly Socialite & Gentleman for some of the rockin’-est reading this side of the web. Seriously, they’re killin’ it on there. They also post sweet photos from photoshoots, shows and meet-ups across the country on Instagram, where you can follow them as DollieTheRockabillySocialite and Zackabilly.